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Route to Market

Less global warming emissions.

Route to market for a novel eco-friendly biobased waterborne industrial wood coating

The aim of this project is to help SMEs in the wood and coatings industry in greening their products while remaining competitive by producing ECOVARN at industrial level, an innovative, functional, regulation compliant, Biobased waterborne wood coating. This project will bring to industrial scale (from 50 Kg to 1 tonne) a novel Biobased Wood Coating produced from vegetal sources with an environmental friendly production methodology reducing Volatile Organic compounds, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions which was successfully obtained at pilot scale during a previous FP7 project.

Raw Materials

Raw materials used in coating industry are still typically of petrochemical origin. The ECOVARN-CIP innovative technology will enable the production of novel ECOPolyols with renewable content of >95% from renewable feedstock, Biodiesel obtained from rapeseed oil and used oils. ECOVAR CIP is not only compliant with current Volatile Organic Compounds emission legislation, but also has high functionalities appreciated by end users including easy clean, high gloss and Chemical resistance.

Main expected results

1)    Formulation and synthesis of biobased waterborne coating ECOVARN CIP up to 1000L Batch
2)    Set up an exploitation and marketing strategy for the new eco varnish.
3)    Synthesis and characterization up to 114 tones of Ecopolyol
4)    Synthesis of an Ecoresin up to 1500 L Batch
5)    Life Cycle Assessment of the different phases (manufacturing/sampling/processing/testing) of the Ecovarn cip. It will be developed in harmony with ISO standards 14040 and 14044. The implementation of an EcoLabel will be considered.