The technical process

Description of the scale-up process

Technical work of ECOVARCIP will be developed by the Industrial scale manufactures BETAGROUP, SAPICI and FKI which are expert producers and they will closely work together during the ECOVARN CIP production, especially during the scaling up process.
BETAGROUP will produce a novel biobased diol (ECOPolyol) from biodiesel, prepared from vegetable oils, as raw material.
The challenge of producing modified polyurethane resin (ECORESIN) will be achieved by SAPICI.
FKI will conduct the crucial work of formulating the final product by adding suitable additives in the right proportion and quantifying technical and physical properties. WP2, There will be three phases of scaling up from 50 to 100L, from 100 to 500L and finally from 500 to 1000L of ECOVARN CIP production.
Testing and validate of the new bio-based water-based wood coating on different wood surfaces for furniture will be performed by CETEM, woodworking industry association located in the second biggest and most important furniture industry region in Spain, Murcia.



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